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Anthony Carpenter: Art & Illustration

About The Artist

About The Artist
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Holiday Fun!
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Book Illustration: Romance
Horror Portraits
Fine Art
Coloring Book Art

Anthony Carpenter was born on
July 31, 1966.
He then grew up.
Now he is a freelance artist.

Below is a list of some of the clients for whom Anthony has provided illustrations:

Instructional Fair
Zondervan Publishing
Landoll, Inc
H.H. Cutler Co.
White Wolf Publishing
Kenzer & Co.
Eden Studios
Self Service Car Wash News Magazine
Cabbage Patch Camping
Aardwolf Publishing
The Grand Rapids Press
Marvel Comics
Brainstorm Comics
Malibu Comics
Pocket Change Comics
Bridge Publications, inc.

If you are interested in having Anthony provide artwork for one or more of your projects, you may contact him using the link below:

Contact Me

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